Cloud computing – the current trend for IT

Cloud computing is a technology that allows to store and process data remotely in the cloud.

Before the apperance of cloud computing, companies had to store their data and deploy software on their own servers. And the larger the organization was, the larger the local infrastructure became.
This has an important drawback — the inability to scale quickly with increasing load.
Cloud technologies make it possible to manage the infrastructure more flexibly. Thanks to virtualization, you can quickly assemble the right number of servers with the desired productivity. In addition, clouds allow you to simplify the organization of IT systems. At any time, you can get the right number of perfectly working servers, Kubernetes, DBMS clusters.

At the moment, there are many professions related to cloud technologies: developers, admins, architects and managers.

The toolkit is what distinguishes ordinary developers from cloud developers. It often requires expert knowledge of several programming languages and different DBMS at once, plus management skills and an idea of the architecture of cloud systems. Such vacancies as Cloud Engineering Developer, Cloud Technology Developer, Cloud CI/CD Developer and OpenStack Developer differ from each other only by specific development tools.

System administrators monitor the virtual infrastructure, automate it and ensure its smooth operation.
Usual job titles are Cloud System Administrator, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer и Virtual Cloud Operations Administrator.

Architects design software systems. They make important decisions about the components and technologies on which the company’s cloud infrastructure is based, as well as maintain related documentation.These are the professions that are among the “architectural”: DevOps Archtiect, Cloud Operations Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Architect.

Managers have to make decisions about the future of projects based on the business requirements of the company, the financial situation and the legislative situation. Cloud Resilience Technology Leader, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Manager and Cloud DevOps Manager can be distinguished among managers with cloud specifics.

In the near future, the number of cloud professions will only increase. We are ready to work with any requirements for the search for cloud technology specialists, please contact: krutikhina@globasgroup.com


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