Mobile apps are our new reality! Release a good one with a proper flutter developer.

Mobile apps have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives and have transformed the way we communicate, work, shop, and entertain ourselves. Mobile app development can be a lucrative and very profitable business if developed and executed correctly. Except for the obvious business preparations a big part of the success depends on the proper software development tool and experienced software developer.

Flutter is a set of tools and a software platform for the development of mobile applications, the creator of this technology is Google. The framework is free and relatively new. It appeared on the market about 5 years ago.

A flutter developer is a specialist who develops cross–platform, that is, applications capable of working with various OS and hardware platforms and their web counterparts.

Duties of a flutter specialist:

– working with the Flutter platform;
– using Git;
– understanding the specifics and features of various mobile operating systems;
– using the Rest API system;
– coding in the Dart;
– development and testing of mobile programs;
– knowledge of the nuances of various architectural patterns;
– analyzing the requirements of the target audience.

Companies of different spheres and scales are interested in developing projects using the flutter platform. Given the popularity of the framework, the number of vacancies for specialized specialists is growing.

We are ready to work with any requirements for the search for Flutter specialists, please contact: krutikhina@globasgroup.com

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