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A GO developer is a specialist who writes programs in the Golang programming language (or GO is the same thing).
Go is one of the ten most popular programming languages.  Programmers use this language to create a backend of services and applications.
Go programming is not limited to Golang knowledge alone. You should be able to use Git and Linux. All other knowledge and skills should be considered according to the levels of specialists.

Junior is a novice developer who has an idea of how slices and arrays are arranged, why goroutines are needed and what are the ways to get data from JSON. In addition, a specialist at the beginning of his career should already have a little experience working with databases, JAVA SCRIPT, SQL and basic tests. The ability to write and maintain code according to the GO style guide will be evaluated primarily.

Middle is a mid-level developer who can be entrusted with responsible work. A specialist can independently develop the functionality or correct an error. Middle can work in JavaScript with knowledge, Angular, VUE, or React, understands the principles of containerization, knows Rest, HTPP and JSON. The programmer also has experience in developing in other languages, for example, PYTHON, Typescript or Perl.

Senior is a senior programmer with more than two years of experience in Go development. He has extensive knowledge in related fields. His skill set also includes API development and service-oriented solutions, and he has the skill of working with highly loaded systems.

The long-term existence and relevance of Golang is indicated by the fact that Google Corporation is behind its creation and development. Go language is used by such giants as Uber, Netflix, American Express and Twitter.

If you need a Golang developer, please, contact krutikhina@globasgroup.com

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