What does a system analyst do?

A system analyst develops software requirements. The customer or the product owner determines what the program should do. After that, the system analyst communicates with the customer or the product owner, extracts information from various sources and studies the market.

The task of a system analyst is to design a solution “from and to”:

-Work out user and system scenarios, algorithms, reaction to user actions, process all possible “what could go wrong”,

-Determine the connections between subsystems, the impact on them,

-Decompose the task if it is large,

-Describe changes in the data model.

-Think through the UI/UX requirements.

During the design process, technical implementation options are discussed with the development team. A system analyst creates UML diagrams, ER diagrams, data exchange schemes, and control transfer sequences. In general, everything that happens inside is the responsibility of the system analyst.
System analysis in a team can be handled by developers on their own. The main reasons that lead to the decision to look for dedicated specialists:
-Developers want to write code, not analyze the system. But it’s still good and right when they are connected to this process.
-Developers are not ready to describe the result of the analysis in human language. They are only ready to program and show a ready-made solution. This approach is not always optimal, because the solution may not be satisfactory for the requirements provider. And it must be agreed with him.
-As a result of the development, only the code remains. Developers don’t like to document, it’s not their job.

Specialists are highly valued by employers. System analysts work in those companies where software is being developed. What kind of companies can they be:
-Outsourcers and system integrators who are engaged in custom software development. That is, those who solve someone’s problem.
-Large companies from different sectors: banks, insurance companies, retailers. Large companies tend to create their own development department to solve their problems.
-Product companies that develop replicated products.
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