Who is a DevOps Engineer? Let us help you to find such specialist!

“Who is a DevOps Engineer” is an important quastion.

Into Google and a staggering amount of results show. Considering DevOps is a relatively new term and job function in IT, there still seems to be some confusion among non-technical professionals as to what the role involves.
DevOps are considered IT professionals who work with developers, system operators and other IT staff to manage the release of software products.

The position is intended to cross corporate silos to create a collaborative environment for developing customer-centric products.

A few companies view it as more of a system-operations position. Other companies see the position as a collaborative role that is responsible for creating a cooperative environment among all stakeholders throughout the product’s lifecycle.

What is the Role of a DevOps Engineer?
The main role of a DevOps engineer is to know how to manage the IT infrastructure that supports software development. Their specific tasks cover a range of functions in a software product’s lifecycle, such as:

-Finding resources
-Selecting a deployment model
-Overseeing test protocols
-Validating code releases
-Monitoring performance
-Reporting the errors

DevOps engineers are responsible for communication with development teams. They provide the results of user feedback, testing and troubleshooting.

They may also assist in coding and scripting to connect such components as APIs, libraries, databases to various application elements.

They should be familiar with various tools to make the release cycle of software more manageable. Many consider automation, version control and testing tools to help with the maintenance of products, systems and services.
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